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First and foremost, the treasurer receives and disburses the section's operating funds and is responsible
for accounting for all section moneys, including annual ACS allotments, local membership dues, and program
revenues and expenses.  The treasurer is expected to maintain accurate financial records for the section and
prepare periodic and annual reports on the section's fiscal condition.  The treasurer is also responsible for filing
Internal Revenue Service Forms.
  The ACS provides annual allocations of funds from members' national dues for the operation of the local
sections.  However, the ACS bylaws require that the section treasurer make a formal request to the Society for payment of funds.  To facilitate this procedure, a formal request form indicating the allotment amount for the
succeeding year is sent to each section treasurer in mid-November to be signed and returned to the national
office by December 15.
  The section's treasurer is responsible for preparing the annual financial report.  The appropriate forms are
sent to treasurers in mid-November and must be returned to the national office by February 15.  A local section's
operating procedures and bylaws may also require the section treasurer to prepare an annual report for review
by the section and its executive committee.
  Any local section that collects dues from its members and national affiliates may elect to participate in the
local section dues collection program, a dual billing service for national and local dues, free to local sections.  In February each section treasurer receives details of the service; the deadline for requesting the service for the
succeeding year is April 1.
  Further information about these and other responsibilities of a local section treasurer is outlined in the
Handbook for ACS Local Section Treasurers, available on request from the ACS Office of Local Section