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The section secretary has a broad range of responsibilities, among the most essential being those of
maintaining the membership list and other section records.  The secretary can download the section’s
membership roster from the ACS website, which includes a complete alphabetical list of members' names and
addresses as well as separate addenda pages detailing address changes, new members, and other section
roster amendments to the previous edition.

On or before December 1 of each year, the section secretary must certify to the ACS Executive Director
the names and terms of office of all section councilors and alternate councilors [ACS Bylaw III, Section 1 (a-4
and e-2)].  This certification is required for both newly elected councilors and alternates and those continuing to
serve unexpired terms. The December 1 deadline is necessary to ensure that the complete list of councilors is available for consideration by the incoming ACS president in making committee appointments.  The committee selection process is conducted in mid-December, and only certified councilors are eligible for appointment to Council committees.  A section that delays its report may be deprived of the recognition that comes from such an appointment, and a committee may lose a member who could offer much to the Society and to the profession.
To assist the president in making Council committee appointments, forms for certification and information on how to submit biographies are sent in October to each local section secretary. The secretary should return the completed certification forms to the national office, and facilitate the submission of biographies. 

All newly-elected councilors should email their completed biography to the national office.  Reelected and
continuing councilors should be reminded to review and update their biographical information through the
Website    The ACS Records Office can supply additional forms or information
upon request. (see Governance tab)
  The section secretary is also charged with certifying the credentials of alternate councilors and/or
temporary substitute councilors chosen to represent the section at ACS Council meetings in the absence of the
elected councilor(s).  Detailed instructions on the procedures for this certification are sent with the Council
agenda to section secretaries approximately six weeks prior to each Council meeting.
  As soon as possible after section elections, the secretary should notify the ACS Executive Director of
newly elected local section officers and committee chairs appointments.  Prompt reporting of the names and
addresses of these individuals ensures that all official correspondence and other communications from the
national office staff are directed to the proper local section personnel.
  Each local section possesses documents of permanent importance.  The charter and list of original
members, and historic documents with increasing value, should be properly labeled and preserved with care.  In
addition, the set of local section bylaws bearing the signed stamp of the ACS Secretary, i.e., the official approved bylaws, should be maintained in a readily retrievable file.  These duties, in the case of many sections, should be added to those of the elected secretary.  Larger sections, which have relatively larger collections of records, are urged to appoint archivists to assist in maintaining and preserving the units' documents in a logical, methodical manner.
  The secretary is depended upon for other aspects of section administration as well, including recording
and maintaining a complete file of minutes of all general membership and executive committee meetings, and
writing regular section correspondence.  In smaller sections, the secretary may be responsible for mailing
meeting notices, preparing and distributing the section's newsletter, and compiling the section's annual report.
  Since many sections traditionally elect secretaries for several consecutive terms, this office provides
continuity within the section and between the section and the ACS national office.  For this reason, the secretary
usually receives a copy of all official correspondence directed by the ACS national office to the section. 
Secretaries should be sure that copies of all correspondence are directed to appropriate officers and committee