National Chemistry Week



Celebrate National Chemistry Week:  October 20-26, 2013



Energy is need for our day-to-day activities, from exercising, power the lights, or to charge your video game or cell phone. Energy is harnessed through a number of sources such as oil and natural gas, nuclear, wind, and water. Some of these sources are renewable while others are not. This National Chemistry Week will focus on what energy is, how it is produced, and identify renewable sources of energy.

Local Events:  Local events will be announced in the coming weeks.  Please visit again or email to receive updates and add your name to our mailing list.

K-12 Contest: The National illustrated poem contest is focused on “Energy: Now and Forever!” Participants are encouraged to illustrate concepts related to the theme, considering all forms of energy. The illustrated poems relate to common applications of chemistry that people might not normally think is related to chemistry.

National Chemistry Week Poetry Contest Form

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All entries must be received by October 21, 2013

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National Chemistry Week Coordinator
Prof. Lorena Tribe
Penn State Berks
111 Luerssen Building
Tulpehocken Road
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ChemMatters:  ChemMatters, a magazine for high school students, will devote its October issue to National Chemistry Week topic of energy.

Celebrating Chemistry: This National Science Education Standards-aligned hands-on activity newspaper for elementary school students will highlight:

  • Investigating relative size and scale
  • Observations vs. interpretation
  • Properties of materials
  • Investigating the effectiveness of sunscreen

Each year National Chemistry Week reaches millions of people with positive messages about the contributions of chemistry. Join in the celebration of NCW 2013!

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